Patricia von Ah was born in San Diego and raised in Los Angeles. Patricia is currently based in Switzerland and works internationally as a fine art, advertising, fashion and editorial photographer and filmmaker.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the Art Center College of Design in California and starting out with pencil and brush, recognized early on that photography and film were her medium. She began her career in portraiture and in 2001 her portraits of prominent British artists were displayed at Sotheby’s in New York. Always with a desire for travel, she enjoys capturing on the road and suggests unusual locations whenever possible for her projects. With the likes of Yoko Ono, Dennis Hopper and John Travolta in front of her lens, her portraits of actors, models, artists or objects are as diverse as the subjects themselves. Patricia uses both classic and digital photographic techniques in pursuit of her particular passion of discovering beauty in stillness and motion.

As an artist, Patricia has been working with photography and film exploring: displacement, chirality, transition, offing, skin and circles of confusion. She has exhibited internationally and recently completed a collaboration mixed media exhibition titled VOLO, which focuses on displacement and human flight.


VOLO EXHIBITION - collaboration exhibition, Building Bridges Art Exchange, Los Angeles 15/12/18 - 2/2/19

BRICK/GRIT - group exhibition, Bestor Architecture, Los Angeles December 2018

QUIET PLACE – group exhibition, Secrets, Kunsthalle, Bern, November 2015

C&J  -  Photobastei, Zürich. August 2014

HANDS OF TIME  -  Oslo 8, Basel. September 2013

RABBIT HOLES  -  Sotheby’s, London. January 2010

LOST BIRDS  -  Scalo/Guye Gallery, Los Angeles. June 2007

WOMEN: SELF PORTRAIT  -  Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, New York. June 2006

LOST BIRDS & RABBIT HOLES  -  Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, Zurich. April 2006

FOUR INCHES  -  Christie’s, London. May 2005

WASTE TO TASTE  -  Sotheby’s, London. February 2003

FOR LUCK  -  Egg Gallery, London. April 2002

OUTMODED  -  Sotheby’s, London. March 2001

UNEXPECTED  -  Sotheby’s, New York. December 2001


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Small / 20 - 30 cm - starting price: 850 - 1'750 CHF
Custom / 40 - 80 cm - starting price: 950 - 2'500 CHF
Exhibition / +100 cm - starting price: 1'750 - 5'500 CHF

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Building Bridges Art Exchange, Los Angeles 15/12/18 - 2/2/19

“The action of now originates in an ancient and mysterious dream, a myth, an archetype without which there would be nothing.” - Filippo Ermini

VOLO is a sculptural, visual and acoustic installation created by artists Patricia von Ah and Filippo Ermini that explores unparalleled experiences and perceptions through the act of flying.

At its genesis, the artists connected their shared visions in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, one of the most impressive valleys in the Swiss Alps. Between monolithic rock faces and mountain peaks, the village is tucked into a valley of massive glaciers and views of summits towering up to 13,000 feet.

Flight has intrigued mankind since the dawn of time and challenges the world’s most curious minds to invent artifacts and objects that replicate one of nature’s most fascinating experiences. For Ermini, this exhibition is an opportunity to express  his raw physical experience of flight through sculptural and visual languages that allow him to explore the profound polarity between the physical body, gravity and practice as an artist. Patricia’s work for this exhibition is concerned with documenting through both film and photography, the capture of displacement giving evidence to the path way of an object in velocity. 

With the installation of VOLO, the artists intend to open a window into the emotional, spiritual and visceral experience of gravity and velocity as a subject. Challenging the senses using film and photography captured by von Ah; audio frequencies and sculptural pieces by Ermini.

Through flight, shared vision and the artist’s unabated immersion in the present moment, their intention is to offer evidence of a pathway through time and space.

Building Bridges is pleased to present this captivating and unusual invitation.

Supported by: Istituto Italiano Di Cultura Los Angeles, Kashper Family Foundation, Digital Fusion, GmbH, Krislyn Design and Production, Laboratorium Media AG, NJP Studios, RED Digital Cinema, Samy’s Camera, Syllogy Media, The Audio Salon and 1933 Group.

10% of the exhibition proceeds will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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Unusual Spaces
Photo19, Zurich. January 2019

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Grammy After Party
New York. January 2018

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Kunsthalle, Bern. September 2015

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Photobastei, Zürich. August 2014

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Oslo 8, Basel. Septmber 2013

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Scalo/Guye Gallery, Los Angeles. June 2007

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Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, New York. June 2006

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Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, Zurich. April 2006

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Christie’s, London. May 2005

When Jimmy Choo and Cartier asked the worlds sexiest women to pose in four-inch heels, fine jewelery and little else, the results were stunning. The collection is featured in a book titled 4 INCHES.The opening auction of photographs at Christie’s in London raised funds for the ELTON JOHN AIDS FOUNDATION to support HIV/AIDS prevention, education and direct patient care for woman and children worldwide.

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Sotheby’s, London. February 2003

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Egg Gallery, London. April 2002

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Sotheby’s, New York. December 2001

Sotheby’s, London March 2001

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